My husband sprayed my flower bed with lawn fertilizer, he thought he was...

Asked June 30, 2013, 11:08 AM EDT

My husband sprayed my flower bed with lawn fertilizer, he thought he was helping. Right now they are looking pretty bad ,did he kill everything ? Any hope that they will overcome the fertilizer or do I just need to did it all up and start over ? I also read that he may have ruined the soil for a year , is that true ?

Franklin County Ohio

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Was the "lawn fertilizer" a weed and feed? What was the ratio of the application?

Yes it was a liquid weed and feed . As for ratio I'm sure he didn't even look at it if there was an option ! All the leaves are curling and or turning yellow.

The weed and feed products that you use on your lawn are “selective” herbicides. In other words they will kill broad leaf weeds like dandelions, but they won’t kill the grass that you are trying to make prettier. But if you accidentally get them on the plants in your flower beds, they will see those plants as broadleaf and could kill those as well, which is what seems to be happening to you. Perennials might survive depending on the ratio applied. You should cut back the damaged shoots, feed, mulch and water, water, water. It can be some time before the affected plants start to produce normal shoots. If the plants are small enough, you might dig them up, wash the soil from their roots, plant in a new spot and cross your fingers. If replacement is necessary, only replant after sufficient time has elapsed for the residues to break down (check label for details). Annuals are probably cooked. Good luck!

Thanks that's kinda what I figured , everything gone ! The only plants that seemed to survive where the hostas and the daylillies.