experimental lawn grass

Asked June 29, 2013, 11:15 AM EDT

I was told by a friend that Texas A&M may be developing a viable lawn grass for our area. I have searched seed companies and seem only to find the same offerings from years past.
My concern is not only the ongoing expense of lawns requiring irrigation, but the impact of our population on water resource. A lawn provides not only a pretty appearance to a home, but also enhances noise and air purity. I further believe a healthy lawn actually reduces ambient temperatures. Therefore I seek a lawn grass sustainable through rainfall, disease and pest resistant, yet pleasing in appearance to my neighbors. Optimum would be a lawn that would choke out weeds by its very hardiness.
Should such a lawn be available, I would very much like to obtain it for my own residence.

Taylor County Texas

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Thanks for your question and I will do my best to answer it. There are constantly a large number of new experimental varieties of turf being studied at any one given time. I am not sure what your friend was talking about or where they heard it or read it. In full sun we have basically four varieties of sod, buffalo, bermuda, st. augustine and zoysia. In shade there are a few =different ones. St Augustine has far to many diseases and insect problems and is a water hog so in the future that is probably not a viable option. Buffalo is good if you dont have any traffic and full sun only but is rapidly overtaken by weeds. Bermuda is a great grass and can be easily maintained at a good level but can have weed problems. Zoysia is a great grass that is very tolerant, few disease and insect problems and maintained adequately is so dense you have virtually no weed problems. Until we come out with more choices for the homeowner I would go with one of the last two for your yard and to accomplish what you listed.

Thank you, sir for your kind and informative response.