Creosote/ Creosole inhalation in residential setting

Asked June 29, 2013, 12:47 AM EDT

Please see email sent and my question at the end... June 26, 2013 Dear Jacqueline Campbell-McFarlane EPA After talking to DEP and the EPA customer care center, I was referred to you and was told that you are the Creosole expert or at least the one to speak with concerning Creosole. My father, John, had triple heart valve replacement and septal defect repair on January 2, 2013. After spending four months in the Hospital , ICU, and Rehabilitation we finally successfully brought him with good prognosis on April 26th .He is on Oxygen therapy which we have been weaning him down slowly in hopes to get him off the assistance; as well as multiple medications including sildenafil for pulmonary assistance. A few weeks later he started to develop leg cramps/ pain when he attempted to sleep at night which presently is persisting along with a slight arm rash. His medications and health has all been consistent with his pre discharge regimen. The home health care nurse and his family doctor has had no diagnosis for these leg pains. One variation has been, around the same time, the neighbor next door had started to construct a wooden fence which he had stated that he was treating with Creosole, of which is probably an old supply, from when his father had worked as a pole man for one of the telefone companies 20 years ago. The odor from the application was quite strong and persisted for approximately three weeks at it's peek noticeablility. He was applying the coating in the adjacent yard which is approximately 35-45 feet away from my father's kitchen which is one story higher in altitude and is catching the fumes. He had installed the 4x4 poles in the ground, as well fencing and trim treated with the chemicals with continuing odor. Once we figured out where the odor was coming from, we reported it to the local Tamaqua Township Code Enforcer, Joshua Esposito of Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. based in 85 S. Route 100, Allentown, PA 18106 since we live in a residential area with multiple surrounding neighbors. At present, I am unable to determine the current status of the fence, construction materials and storage and / or disposal of any waste or product is. My questions are there any correlation with my father's symptomology of rash, pain, cramps, and twitches and are there any short or long term consequences or side effects of creosole inhalation we should be aware or concerned about. Is there any special testing or treatment that would be necessary for the creosole inhalation on my fathers current post-surgical health. We are going to see him primary care doctor in the near future and I would greatly appreciate any help or assistance in this matter. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time ! Thank you in advance for your attention.P.S. My father appears to have developed moderate varicose veins in one leg and some finger tingling/numbness...
Dr. Robert F. Marcin,OD -- son John J. Marcin -- Father 125 West Broad Street 25 South Nescopec Street PO Box 24 Tamaqua, PA 18252 Tamaqua,PA 18252 570-668-4 362 570-668-i doc 570-573-3636 Cellphone

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania

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