Why do I get beautiful radish tops and no radish bulb?

Asked June 28, 2013, 5:14 PM EDT

Hello -- I have triedfor years to grow radishes in my garden. I always get large, beautiful tops that quickly go to seed with no radish in the root. I garden in a raised bed and reuse the soil year to year. I amend the soil with manure, compost and granular fertilizer in the spring. I plant the radishes with at the same time as my spinach, lettuce and other cool weather vegetables. I have used several variaties of radishes and get nothing for my salad. I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you Ellen Kuhr

Weld County Colorado fruits and vegetables

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My guess is too high a salt contact in your raised bed soil. I would suggest you get a soil test before you add any more amendments to the beds. Radishes are sort of a beacon crop (the canary in the mine) for high Ph due to salts in the soil. Salts are in the manure and the granular fertilizers. The best solution might be to put new soil into your beds next year. If you send in a soil sample to CSU, they will tell you what you have in your soil and what you need. Soil test kits are available at the Weld Extension Office.
Janene Willey