July planting

Asked June 27, 2013, 10:35 PM EDT

Now that the peas, spinach, and lettice are about gone, I wonder if there are any other veggies that could be grown in their place during the hotter months. Or perhaps it would be best to let the soil rest for now. Thank you for your help, and your previous suggestions were most helpful. Art

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July and August are top planting periods for our fall and winter garden. There are a large number of possible crops. Most greens, members of the cabbage family, catch crops such as radishes and Oasis turnips, corn salad (best in September) etc. Territorial Seeds catalog has a planting schedule for Western Oregon. There is also an extension handout on Winter Gardening. It is available through the website for Lane extension under Publications. It is also available at the office at 783 Grant St. in Eugene, OR. There are also a number of community classes (free) in the Eugene/Springfield area on winter gardening.