Exhausted Vegetable Garden Soil

Asked June 27, 2013, 6:19 PM EDT

The last couple of years I have noticed that my veg garden has not looked real healthy. I had the soil tested last year and it was OK. I have also added composted manure about every other year. This soil has been used continuously for 17 years.

I'd like to over winter a cover of a legume---nitrogen fixing and then turn it over next spring. Was wondering if this is a good idea and, if so, what I could use for a legume crop that would over winter in Grand Junction.

Or should I switch to a new area entirely?


Mesa County Colorado sustainable gardening and landscaping soil and fertility issues

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Here is a link to a good discussion of cover crops suitable for Colorado and how to use them: http://www.cmg.colostate.edu/gardennotes/244.pdf

Are you fertilizing your garden? With what? What did you have the soil tested for?

Soil itself wouldn't "wear out" - it may be that environmental factors are having a role in your garden's performance.

Crop rotation is always a good idea!

Thank you
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I would try calling the co-ops to see if there is a local source. If not, you may have to go on line.