Tomato Problems - curling and falling off vine

Asked June 27, 2013, 4:04 PM EDT

Client had problems last year with tomatoes. This year started with new soil, sterilized pots, purchased disease resistent varieties.

The leaves are curling. The small green tomatoes fall off the vine.

Chippewa County Michigan

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That is not much information to go by but I will do my best. You have eliminated any soil issues by starting with new soil, sterilized pots and disease resistant varieties. I am assuming these are grown in pots on a patio? Issues that could arise are salt build up from fertilizer, poor watering practices and others. Ask them a few more questions about their cultural practices. The one that really comes to mind is to find out if they have a lawn service that is spraying their lawn (or a neighbors lawn) on a regular basis. What they spray is a combination of fertilizer and 2,4-D. Tomatoes are extremely sensitive to 2,4-D and just a little drift will curl their leaves.

A picture might help if you could send it.