problems in veggie garden

Asked June 27, 2013, 2:51 PM EDT

i'm having a problem with my veggie plants they are stunted,turn yellow with brown spots on them and look to have some sort of thin black bug that doesn't seem to move. i sprayed them with a pyrethin spray and also added nitrogen to the soil. still having problems and now my salvia is getting some it and other plants close to the garden. i live in the crooked lake area north of petoskey. please help me. enclosed are pics

Emmet County Michigan

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Good morning and thank you for the question and for including pictures. First I would like to talk soil and fertilizing. I noticed in one of your pictures that it looks like there are slow release fertilizer pellets on the ground. And then you also mention that you have applied nitrogen. Have you had your soil tested? Test kits are available from The reason I suggest this is because I suspect some kind of nutrient problem that has put your plants under stress. It is important to know what soil needs before adding fertilizers. Secondly, I am wondering what time of the day you applied the pyrethrin. Pyrethrin also kills pollinators so it is best to apply it later in the day. And now the insect problem! In the picture that has the yellow leaf the neighboring leaves look like a spider mite problem. To check for this put a white piece of paper (or even your hand) under an affected leaf and shake the leaf. If there are small spots on the paper or your hand it is probably spider mites. I do not see leaf curling which would indicate aphids or holes or chewing on the leaves from larvae. Unfortunately I could not make out any insects on the leaf picture. There seems to be something gelatinous on the leaves? If you are able to get a close up pic of those areas where you see the insects and send it that would be great. I would be happy to follow up with you if you would like, just send any further information and it will be directed to me.