Red Maple wilted branch

Asked June 26, 2013, 2:03 PM EDT

My red maple suddenly showed wilted and discolored leaves on one branch. I cut a small piece off and the inside looks good. The recent rain seems to have helped a little. I'm worried about verticillium wilt but don't want to start hacking away at the branch until I'm more sure of what the problem is. I can bring a sample to you. I'll also enclose a photo. Please help. I'd hate to see anything happen to this tree.

Yamhill County Oregon

2 Responses

It is best if you can bring in a sample to Yamhill County Extension office that includes the branch along with the leaves. Also, a photo would be helpful. Then we can determine if it is vercillium wilt or something else. You may also see the link I have provided here. It gives you a lot of information about this disease, cultural control and a few pictures.

I will take a sample in as soon as possible. I've included another photo here