lots of buds- no flowers

Asked June 26, 2013, 10:43 AM EDT

I get lots of buds,however they never open into flowers. I have sprayed for bugs and watered. I also fertilized. What else can I do to this 8 foot tall otherwise healthy bush to help the buds to flower? Thank you. Looking forward to your response.

Montgomery County Texas horticulture

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Could you provide some additional information? What kind of plant is this? When was it planted? What is the name of the bug spray you used? Has it ever been fertilized? How much sun does it get? Basically tell me a little about how it is being taken care of?

The tree or tall bush is a rose of sharon. I can't recall the type of bug spray used on it over a year ago. There are no bugs on it now, I did put lots of lady bugs on it in the spring. There are no bugs on it right now. It gets lots of sun but it is not in full sun for the entire day. The lovely, healthy looking buds on it have never opened in the 8 years since it was planted. And every spring it is always covered with lots of healthy looking buds. Occationally, I will see a bud partially open. { The rose of sharon right next to it blooms like crazy every year.) It probably did not get enough water until recently. For the last 2 or 3 weeks it has been regularly watered. However it has been watered just like the one next to it that does open blooms every spring. This one has me truly stumped. Thank you so much for you valuable time.

Thanks this is helpful. But you still have me stumped.

Rose of Sharon is one of those old fashion Granny plants that seems to thrive regardless of the care. They are sometimes shy to bloom in too much shade but that does not seem to be the case. Flower bud drop could be linked to a lack of water but sounds like that is no longer an issue. I would recommend fertilizing with a good general tree and shrub fertilizer now. Use the label recommended amount and water it in well.If this problem persists you may want to replace it with one that is more cooperative.

Sorry I don't have a better, more definitive answer.