Identify tree and how to eradicate.

Asked June 26, 2013, 10:34 AM EDT

Client said tree is a flowering tree. Produces 5 petal-white blossoms. There are small green bugs (too small to take a picture of) eating at leaves and she is assuming they are leaving white dust on the leaves. (This dust is also on her lawn furniture) The tree is about 20 feet tall. She has three of these in her yard but has noticed their root system is connected to several small trees on the opposite side of her yard. She is looking for an environmental method of eradicating the new growth trees. She does not want to use chemicals.

Alpena County Michigan

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Good morning and thank you for your question. I am wondering if you could get some more information from your client. I am wondering if the trees have thorns on them and how far away the new growth is from these trees. Also, if possible, I would like a picture of the new growth the client is concerned about. Thanks for your help.

The tree does not have thorns, but adult tree does have sap weeping out from it and dark molasses color. The new growth is all over the yard every 6-8 feet from the main tree and then spreads from 2-3 feet out, some is 30 feet from the main tree. Client may be bringing in new pictures of the new growth. Until then, see what you can do with this response.

Thank you for the new information. I would still like to see photos of the new growth in your client's yard. It sounds very invasive and I would like to see the photos to make sure the plants are all the same. Thanks for your persistence in getting the info we need.