Raspberry Virus??

Asked June 25, 2013, 11:23 PM EDT

I have a row of raspberries in third year. Last year the canes flowered and then the berries died at the stems when about the size of a BB. The nursery I got the plants from was not sure and offered no advice. This year flowering was profuse and now the same dying at the berry stems. The leaves are kind of mottled and the canes are brown and sturdy. This fruit is being produced on new canes. I do not see any kind of insect or mildew/fungus on the palnts. They are in a raised bed that has a combination of local garden mix/mushroom compost and Tagro. In the same bed are rhubarb and past peppers and horseradish. If you need a better pic please let me know. It was raining out. Blessings, Don Ferron Spanaway, WA

Not sure why the pic looks so poor while editing, but it is quite good on the camera and on my computer. If you need a different pic just let me know.

Pierce County Washington

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Hello Don,
The Master Gardeners in Pierce County believe that your raspberries may either be suffering from root rot, or raspberry ringrot virus. The photos are helpful, but for an accurate diagnosis the Master Gardeners encourage you to bring in a sample of the cane into our daily clinic. The Pierce County Extension Master Gardener clinic is located at 3602 Pacific Ave in Tacoma and is open Mon-Fri 9:00-3:00 (closed July 4). You may also call the Master Gardeners directly to discuss the problem further before coming into the clinic if you wish. They can be reached at 253-798-7170 Mon-Fri 9:00-3:00.
Best Regards,
Martha Aitken
Interim County Director, Pierce County Extension