Ingested well water bacteria

Asked June 25, 2013, 3:37 PM EDT

What do I do about water bacteria I ingested?

Camden County New Jersey

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It depends on many factors associated with your well. For instance, some wells are more impacted by surface activities than other wells are; the deeper the groundwater source, the less impacted it tends to be. It also depends on the type of soil you have, as some soil is more of a conduit from the surface to the well than others. For the most part, though, soil acts as a natural filter for most drinking water wells. This doesn't mean that well water is completely devoid of natural bacteria, but by and far, the majority are innocuous and pose no threat. If you haven't had any adverse reactions to your water, all things being equal on the soil surface and any human/animal activities occurring above the source, you shouldn't have any issues going forward. That being said, if you are concerned, you can install a point of use or point of entry water treatment system to filter and/or disinfect your water as it enters the house. It also depends on if this is a private well or a well controlled by a consortium or water group, in which case, the water may already be treated in some fashion. Here's a convenient website highlighting some of the issues discussed above.