raspberries bearing flowers and then died

Asked June 25, 2013, 12:23 PM EDT

Have planted raspberries. They have grown and bear flowers but then died. Some experts said not to water them too much while others suggested the opposite. Which is true? Others said to plant them on Sept. but others said on June. What really is the best time to plant raspberries? Please help. This is the second years I ordered raspberries with same results. Don't know what must I do to save my raspberries. Hate to see them die. Thank you.

Montcalm County Michigan

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Raspberries are shallow rooted and do require a large amount of water when there is little water in the soil. Normally, in Michigan, the best time to plant is as early in the spring as possible. Michigan winters are often cold enough to kill the shoots to the snow line. You do not mention if you are planting fall or summer bearing. Normally the shoots live for 2 years and die the second year after flowering so you always need new shoots coming from the ground to replace the shoots that will die in their second year after fruiting. If you are planting shoots of summer bearing varieties, cut them off close to the ground and force them to grow new shoots.