Controlling Aspen suckers

Asked June 25, 2013, 10:33 AM EDT

I have two young aspens that were planted as original landscaping on a hillside beside our home. I now have multiple suckers shooting up all around these trees on the hiilside. What is the best way to control the growth of these suckers without damaging or getting rid of the quaking aspens?


Douglas County Colorado

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Aspen trees have enormous shallow spreading root systems that allow them to survive even when the tree does not. The roots have a tremendous capacity to produce suckers. This is stimulated by severing the root from the parent tree, cutting the parent tree, and warm dry soil. Best treatment for suckers in lawns is continuous mowing and lawn maintenance to crowd out the suckers. You can try digging up the roots which are usually about 3-4 inches under the soil but this may be an on going task. Further information is available at CSU PlantTalk 1538, at this link