splitting of bark on ash trees

Asked June 25, 2013, 1:51 AM EDT

The ash trees in our Tresana neighborhood of Highlands Ranch have many long vertical split bark areas. I know that tarring of pruning areas is no longer recommended, but Norris Design has recommended Ortho tar paint or something like that for these splits to prevent insect infestation. What do you recommend?

Douglas County Colorado

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I have attached links for two articles for you. One pertains to the possible cause of bark splitting and the other mentions the use of tar when pruning.

Using an insectide spray won't hurt anything. But the use of a tar has not been found to be effective.

I know about bark splitting due to exposure and that pruning paint is not recommended for pruning cuts. My issue is a bit different. The bark on the ash trees is split about 10 inches; this is not a pruning issue. I'm not sure the split will heal itself. Should I hope for the best or do something to prevent the infestation of bores or other problems?