Mystery tomato disease

Asked June 24, 2013, 9:10 PM EDT

Our organic garden contains tomatoes that have dry curled leaves, swollen joints and round bulges going up the stem. If you look closely at the very base of the stem, you will see the bulges. The plants do not have fruit. The plant receives full daylight and is watered daily to stay moist. This has now occurred two years in a row. We would like to request your opinion on what could be happening and what we can do about it.
Thanks, Jacki

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi Jacki,

Thanks for the pictures, but is there a way to send the leaf one where it is not blurry? It's hard to tell what is wrong...I'm looking specifically at the leaves and petioles (attachment to the stem).

Though the garden is organic, do you use any herbicides in your lawn area? Do your neighbors?

It's not surprising they don't have fruit at this point...we went from spring to hot summer in a matter of a few days. On days above 90 degrees, the flower will abort and not be pollinated. It's probably been too warm. Moderate temperatures between 65-85 degrees are ideal.

Where did you purchase the plants? The same place both this year and last year? Did you plant them in the same spot? Did you add any compost or manure last year or this year? Changed any cultural practices?

We do have a CSU Extension Fact Sheet on Tomato Problems: