Is it Bacterial canker?

Asked June 24, 2013, 2:37 PM EDT

2,3,5 year old cherry and apple trees in Myrtle Point are showing these symptoms. Can you please identify?

Coos County Oregon

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This dieback of shoots and limbs with the apple looks more like fire blight a bacterial disease that is spread by bees during bloom and then kills shoots. If the disease is fire blight you need to prune out infected wood about 18 inches below the last visible canker or wound.
I cant see the tree clearly enough to know if the trunk has cankers on it. If it does it could be another disease called Nectria canker. If the tree has cankers on the trunk it should be removed. It wont grow well. Pruning out cankers and using copper sprays in fall and spring is the proper control method for both diseases. However with young trees you need to cut off too much of the tree to save it.

If the cherry tree has gumosis and dieback like the apple it probably has bacterial blight. Again prune out infected wood, and spray copper in fall and in spring with new growth.