Eastern Filbert Blight

Asked June 24, 2013, 1:08 PM EDT

We are removing a row of infected filbert trees from our backyard. From what I understand, the neighborhood was built where an orchard once stood. What trees (not necessarily nut trees) can be safely planted in the same spot? Does the ground need to be treated? Is there a certain period of time that we must wait to replant?

Washington County Oregon trees and shrubs disease issues

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The hazelnut trees you are removing I assume succumbed to Eastern Filbert Blight. Older cultivars of hazelnut were susceptible to this disease, however, a breeding program at OSU has produced a number of resistant cultivars. The link below provides a discussion of the disease and resistant cultivars you can plant in place of the diseased ones. Keep in mind this is an airborne disease (not soil-dwelling) which is specific to hazelnut. You can plant any tree in the same spot, including EFB-sistant hazelnut and there will be no problems.

I've also included a link to the OSU Extension publication website, where you can access publication EC 819-E "Growing tree fruits and nuts in the home orchard". This will provide lots of information on the various crops you can plant in this area. Please feel free to write for further information.