Asked June 24, 2013, 8:15 AM EDT

How can I permanently get rid of bamboo that is growing in my yard?

Pulaski County Arkansas

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Permanent eradication of bamboo is difficult. It is a tenacious plant with a wide spreading root system. If you can, cut it down as low to the ground as possible then disk or rototill up the planting area. Use a sturdy-tined lawn rake to remove as many crowns and roots as possible. Then pay attention to new sprouts. You can spot spray with a glyphosate (Roundup) product. If the bamboo planting is contained in your yard, over time you can get rid of it. If is traveling from a neighbors yard, it will keep encroaching unless everyone battles it together.

Instead of Roundup is there an organic product I could use. I would like to keep my yard pesticide free. Thank you for your help

Ms Carson's directions come as close as we can to a pesticide free eradication program. If you are persistent, you can use the tillage method to eventually take it out. Be prepared it will take many years, perhaps a lifetime. Spot spraying with Roundup is our safest method to change the battle from many years to a few years. But if it is also in the neighbor's property, they will need to join the eradication battle.