Mosaic virus solutions

Asked June 23, 2013, 1:38 PM EDT

I suspect my tomato plant and my pepper plants got infected by a mosaic virus and need to know what I can do to stop that. I read that this can be spread by bugs but most sprays for bugs can't be used on veggies within a day or two of picking date.
Also I suspect there has been some fungus problems and I have tried daconil-used it on the green beans and the pepper plants--unless I used too strong a solution, it seems to have been behind the death of my green bean plants. At any rate, what is needed to prevent the mosaic virus as the description seems to fit what is said about it and pictures I have seen. Help!

Bexar County Texas

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Try to plant Extension recommended varieties that have the best disease resistant properties and have proven the test of time for local gardening success. However, this doesn’t completely give plants a total resistance to viral infections. Proper planting techniques, good maintenance as well as timing will help minimize such issues.
Once insects like thrips, white flies or aphids start spreading these viruses, there is nothing that is practical on virus control inside the plant.

Better luck next spring or this fall!