Phosphate recommendation

Asked June 21, 2013, 3:28 PM EDT

My soil test says both that my soil is Phosphorus sufficient and it needs 3.3 lb phosphate per 1000 ft square. I know that phosphorus and phosphate aren't exactly the same thing, but are these two statements contradictory?

Kent County Michigan soil and fertility issues

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No. They are using them interchangably. I do not have your soil test to look at so I am going off what you wrote.

But I'm confused. You say that your soil is phosphorus sufficeint. That means there is plenty. Do you mean deficient, like not enough? Since you are saying that you need to add some form of phosphorus, there in't enough.

Your question is the question I was posing. Is there a way I can give you access to my results? My file # AFBD43.

You did by giving me the code. Thank you.

Your soil needs nitrogen phpsphorus and potassium for the new lawn.
The soil pH is kind of high at 7.5...never,never put lime on this lawn.
Organic matter is 3.2%...that pretty decent but 5% would be better.
Where it tells you how much nutrient is needed is for products that are 100%. There are none. So when it says 5.2 potassim, it will vary with the product. If you used 0-0-60, it would be 9 pounds. But if it was 0-0-52, it would be 10 pounds.

If this is a new lawn, that means it is growing currently, you could use a product like 12-12-12 that would give you all three. You would use 25 pounds. But you are short on potassium. By adding 4 pounds of 0-0-60, it would fix the missing potassium. This is a yearly amount meant to be divided into three or four applications at least six weeks apart.

If this is a lawn that will be installed, you will be using HALF the amount when fertilizing before planting and until the grass has been mowed at 3-3 1/2 inches tall three times.

This is the recipe:
25 lb. 12-12-12 and 4 lb. 0-0-60 per 1000 sq. ft. of area.
This is to be divided into 3-4 applications per season...four is better.
Don't apply if the temperatures are going above 85 degrees. Water the fertilizer in.

There are a number of ways of achieving your goal and this is one. I know that it should be relatively easy to find 12-12-12 and 0-0-60. I don't know about their proposed combos. I hope this helps.