Rose chafers

Asked June 21, 2013, 12:39 PM EDT

I have a small orchard of apple trees which is infested with rose chafers for the second year. What can I do to eliminate this problem?

Grand Traverse County Michigan apples

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I am sorry to hear you have rose chafers. They are out in large numbers this year, and they have been causing problems even in commercial orchards. There is little you can do if you do not want to spray an insecticide. Sevin is available to homeowners and will do some good, but even as that is the best product (even in a commercial situation), these guys can re-infest so fast, the product is only rated as 'good'. The insecticide will kill them but reinfestation is a problem. If you do not want to use insecticides, the only other option is to pick them off. The good news is that they are around for a short period, so hopefully they will be gone within a week or so.

Good luck.