I have a lease in section 20 ,Ogemaw county with Devon energy and they were...

Asked June 21, 2013, 12:31 PM EDT

I have a lease in section 20 ,Ogemaw county with Devon energy and they were going to drill a well named SanCartier 1-20 .Devon did the surface work and I was wondering what the update is on this well.We have a year left on the lease and we heard that they were coming back to ogemaw county in 2014 to do some drilling.Thank you Dennis my email is dmucken@gmail.com

Ogemaw County Michigan

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Devon recently requested that all of the wells they have drilled to date be classified as temporarily abandoned. This allows them to evaluate the results of the drilling without having to disclose it publicly. It also gives them an extended time limit to act further on those state leases. If you signed the standard lease, by doing some surface work at your site, the company is considered to be searching for oil and gas. This is usually discussed in paragraph 2, but almost always on the first page. As stated in the standard lease, preparing a drilling site is actively searching for oil and gas. If you have a 5-year lease with a 5-year automatic renewal, they have a total of 10 years to do actively search for oil and gas. They do not have to go back to your site until the 10 years is almost up, if your lease has this language.

I cannot find a record of a drilling permit for the well you mentioned. This does not mean that it is not there, it just means I could not find it in the system. I had a very hard time navigating the system yesterday.

Encana released some information about the wells they have drilled so far. I have a news article written about it in the latest edition of the oil and gas newsletter. I am going to e-mail that newsletter to you separately. My interpretation of their data is they have some very good wells, but they are primarily natural gas. If you would like to receive the newsletter, it is free and e-mailed quarterly. I only send it to those that request it.

The MSU extension oil and gas web page also has all of the newsletters and other information for landowners. http://msue.anr.msu.edu/program/info/oil_and_gas

Please keep me informed what occurs on your land and the lands in the general area.