Identify Plant

Asked June 21, 2013, 8:40 AM EDT

Client received this plant and is unaware of what it may be. She was told it was a Red Crane. She needs to know what it is and how to care for it.

Alpena County Michigan

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Thank you for using Ask an Expert. I have searched and the only Red Crane plant I find is in the Kale family. The leaves are similar, but the photo looks like the plant is a houseplant. Is this correct? The Kale plant is beautiful and has rose colored flowers in the middle of the leaves that are very similar to the pictures you sent. I am wondering if this is the Kale plant that has been kept inside and has become "leggy". Could you give me more information on this plant as I would really like to be able to tell you what the plant's name is.

The client's child received the plant as a gift from a teacher. So, I am assuming it is probably about 2 weeks of growth. She didn't give much information other than some people were telling her it may be cabbage. In the mean time, I am calling the client to pick up the plant. I would assume she should get it planted outside.

I looked up a red crane plant off the internet and the pink veins on the leaves look as though it may be a red crane plant.

I agree. Hope my information was helpful.