Is there a perchery system that can accommodate 1000 layers?

Asked June 21, 2013, 6:02 AM EDT

How can I get a design for 1000 layers that is purely a perchery system? I understand that such a system can accommodate more chickens than a deep litter system, but I have yet to find one. Please note that I live in Kenya. Thanks for your help.

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There are several plans out there for smaller buildings. What you would do is to extend the buildings to make a large rectangle for the birds you plan to house. For 1,000 layers, you would need a house with the dimensions of 50 x 40 feet.

The following links provide examples of different housing patterns:

Because of the climate in your country (Kenya), I would suggest building open-sided housing with plastic curtains and minimal wall construction so that you will be able to naturally ventilate.

Picture Credit: NCSU.EDU