Crabapple tree

Asked June 20, 2013, 9:09 PM EDT

We have a crabapple tree that is approximately 9 years olds. It bloomed beautifully this spring. Now the leaves are turning yellow and kinda brown. They do have tiny crabapple s on it , about the size of a pea. Is this normal for this type of tree? We have only lived here one year. It seemed to be ok when we moved in. Thank You Betty

Clinton County Ohio

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The yellow and browning of the leaves is most likely apple scab, which is very common on crabapple trees. It is a fungal disease that attacks the leaves and the fruit. It's too late to stop it now with a fungicide, because the infection has already occurred on those leaves. The tree will most likely defoliate early. Generally, it won't kill the tree, it just makes it ugly. We don't normally recommend a fungicide program for ornamental trees. Common sense says you live with the problem or if it gets bad enough, you get a new tree.