Asked June 20, 2013, 4:18 PM EDT

This weed is overtaking yard. Had a patch of about 5', now it is a patch of 10'. Weed grows to about 7' tall. Client has had yard tilled over in the past, but weed keeps returning. Please let me know how to get rid of weed also.MSUE office thinks this may be Japanese Knotweed.

Alpena County Michigan lawns and turf weed issues

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It is difficult to tell exactly that this is Japanese Knotweed from your pictures. A question if you will: are you near water, pond, lake or river? One control for this weed is Roundup which is a strong herbicide. If you're near a body of water there is a product called Rodeo that will be safe for you to use. Recommend that you apply this in spray form on a windless day. Anything green and living can be damaged by this product. Always wear protective gloves and face mask and apply directly on the plant. This plant travels underground and bears seeds proficiently above. So you'll need to cut it down once the chemical works on it then dig it out of the ground because of the traveling capability of the roots. You'll need to be persistent for perhaps two years but you will win out. Thank you for using the Ask an Expert System.