Trapping Squirrels

Asked June 20, 2013, 3:49 PM EDT

Do you loan or lease traps for squirrels? I have one that is reaking havoc in the garden this year. Huge holes, eatting flowers off the squash, bean starts and even the asparagus starts. I've tried rat traps baited with peanut butter but no luck yet. Kill or capture makes no difference to me. Sherman live traps work on them? I've lived on the property for ten plus years and never had this issue. Attached is a photo of the hole and dirt the beast is depositing under the rhubarb plants. It's starting to bury the crowns badly.

Columbia County Oregon

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Hello and thank you for asking about ground-squirrel trapping. The ground squirrels are cautious, which makes baiting and trapping a bit of a challenge. Here are some publications about control options, also about the squirrels themselves. Understanding the opponent is part of devising your control strategy.
University of California IPM has a page about how to manage pests: Ground Squirrels
These two pages have almost the same information, but are worth a look.
From the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management, Beldings, California, and Rock ground squirrels:
Controlling ground squirrel damage to Forages, Field Crops, Ditches, and Dams:


Thanks for your feedback. I kept the rat traps baited with peanut butter down there while I looked for conibear traps (as suggested in the links). Well last night went down to check the traps and found a skunk with it's head stuck in one (the trap was wired to a stake). It was still alive. I ended up shooting the skunk (I'm in the county and it was legal) to be rid of that situation. (might be more info that you want but a head shot didn't seem to release too much scent). But I now think that it was a skunk burrow I was dealing with and the squirrel simply darted down the hole when I was near. I had found a partial eatten dead bird near the hole but figured it was something else but skunks will eat those. Thanks for your help.