Star Jasmine

Asked June 18, 2013, 10:49 PM EDT

Oh no!! I came home tonight and my husband proudly showed me that he had cut down my star jasmine climbers (possibly confederate?) to enlarge our deck. They have been cut down to about 6 inch stumps, poor little dears. They were so lovely 4' across by at least 8' tall. Is there any hope that they would survive after this and can I move them to a location where they will have more light since he's building a deck where they are growing now?

Clark County Washington

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I will provide the information I found in a pruning book about the star jasmine which is a Trachelospermum:
"Can take a great deal of pruning but seldom needs it. Without support and with some tip pinching, it becomes a spreading shrub or gournd cover. To grow as a vine, do not tip pinch, and give stems some support. Older plant should be cut back about 1/3 each year in spring to prevent inner growth from becoming too woody and bare. You can also cut it back to main branch framework; in a year, new growth and flowers will replace it. To grow as ground cover, cut back upright shoots to keep it low."
I think he may have gone too far by leaving only stumps. It is possible it will reshoot from the roots. There is nothing you can do but wait and see what happens.