Nutsedge in flower bed

Asked June 17, 2013, 5:41 PM EDT

Our HOA wants to replant an exsisting flower bed at the entrance of the subdivision.
Older over grown shrubs have been remove, but a big infestation of nutsedge has grown into the bed. We want to plant some annuals there but the label on Image states that annuals cannot be planted for 2 YEARS after treating the nutsedge.
Is digging deeply and removing the soil the only solution?

Brazos County Texas

1 Response

Please be aware that application of the herbicide Image does not guarantee complete control of nutsedge. Multiple application may be needed. As you also notice that annual bedding plants are sensitive to the chemical in this herbicide.
Digging deeply and removing the soil is an option - but realize that this does NOT guarantee total eradication either but seems to appear to be a good solution to your intended plans with annuals. I would encourage monitoring and removing (cultivation) of errant/escaped nutsedge for the following year. Make sure to remove the "nut".