I planted two new (first time) pear trees two weeks ago. Some of the leaves...

Asked June 17, 2013, 2:23 PM EDT

I planted two new (first time) pear trees two weeks ago. Some of the leaves are starting to get little brown spots and some (not many though) of the leaves are turning brown on the edges. What should I spray and when to prevent diseases? I've read that copper fungiside is the only thing that should be sprayed. I know Bonide makes one I can get, but it doesn't seem like a "common" item for sale in the major home centers. Attached a picture of my Ayers semi dwarf tree which I just planted about three weeks ago. I have one Ayer Semi Dwarf and one Kieffer pear tree. They are planted about 20 feet from each other, but the Kieffer looks fine and the Ayers is the one with more issues.

Frederick County Maryland

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The leaf spots on your pear appear to be pear scab or possibly fabraea, another fungal leaf spot disease. Look at the images for each on a search engine to see if you can narrow it to one.
If the leaves turn yellow and fall off, rake them up and dispose of them off-site.

For fungicides, we recommend Captan, Immunox or Systemic Fungicide 3336. Remember that fungicides are preventatives not curatives. A spray will protect for about 2 weeks but if optimal weather conditions for infection continue, you may need to spray again in 2 weeks.


How do Captan, Immunox or Systemic Fungicide 3336 compare to say Bondie Copper Fungisides?

Also, can you recommend a schedule I should follow for spraying my pear trees year round?

Thank you!

We spoke with our fruit specialist who said that the Captan, Immunox or System Fungicide 3336 (if you can find it) will be more effective for scab and leaf spot diseases.
The copper is more useful if there had been a problem with fireblight the previous season.
The timing of these sprays is important.
If you give us your address, we can send you our Home Fruit Production Guide (eb125) which covers management and spray schedules.