Bull Eval Prep

Asked June 17, 2013, 12:34 AM EDT

Do you have any recommendation for feed to get my bull ready for the bull evaluation? Do you suggest early weaning from mother or keep the bull on his mother and supplement? What do you recommend for feeding? Last year our bull didn't gain enough to get in so I am trying to get one ready this year. Jill Bauman Bauman Farm American British White Cattle

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We wouldn't recommend early weaning unless special circumstances warrant it (very poor milking mother, poor pasture conditions, etc.) Most bulls are weaned in the 170 to 190 day range. Some may have creep or supplemental feed prior to weaning to keep them growing at their full genetic potential. Choosing a supplement is dependent on the primary feed they are receiving. Supplement may be energy- or protein-based (or both) depending on the most likely deficiency. Feeding recommendations really come down to your individual situation in terms of pasture availability and supplemental feed choices. I recommend that you visit with Kevin Gould who can help you design a supplement and/or growing diet customized for your bull(s).

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I am really looking forward to having an American British White in the test this year!

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-Dan Buskirk