Asked June 16, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT

Plenty of Flowers but No Fruit!!!
2nd Email with Pictures!!!!

Bexar County Texas

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Trim out this years unproductive fruiting wood to focus on this years new growth that will hopefully produce next year.

Drench the foilage and soil with some Carl Pool Iron chelate and fertilize them at this time with two cups of Medina's Growing-Green fertilizer. Fertilize again in early September and late February with the Medina granules.

What variety do you have?

Make sure you have plenty of perennials in the landscape to help with pollination.

Good luck next spring!!!!!


I don't know te Variety. I purchased the Plant at Home Depot last Year. I cut away all the Old Groth and only left this years branches to train as You can see. The Plant is Healthy, has plenty of watering, good Soil and there are Pepers, 4 oclocks and Cucumbers planted near the Vine to draw in the Bees. But as You can see in the Photos, all the Flowers Dry Up and No Fruit at all.
I will try Your suggestions.
Thank You for Answering Me!!

Varieties make a big difference.

If they don't perform well next year with these guidelines, it might be worth replacing them.