What happened to my tomatoes?

Asked June 14, 2013, 6:12 PM EDT

Healthy plants seem to have leaves that are slightly shriveled, they are getting water.
Rumors point to recent winds.

Boulder County Colorado

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Dear Viki,

from your photo, we can tell that something certainly is impacting your tomatoes. However, we can't diagnose the problem with conviction, so this fact sheet will hopefully help you identify a couple possibilities:

We'd be very happy to help you further, so if you would like to send a few more photos, that may help us, along with more information that you could provide after reading the pages in the link above. If you can include a close up of a leaf or two along with anything on them; i.e., insects, mold spores, etc., and a photo or two of all the of the tomatoes together in their environment including adjacent pavements, buildings, other plants, etc. those can help us, too.