Bulldozed acre of 100 year woods, woodland park houston Texas

Asked June 13, 2013, 11:59 AM EDT

A deveoper wanting and with full intention moonscaped one acre of the second oldest park in Houston for a "better view". How do we access damages? ESP when the park had mulched trails and was full of flora and fauna? Please contact me with a resource to hire for this. Pam lowe713-303-3063

Harris County Texas damage assessment

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Sorry to hear about the loss in your park! Unfortunately I don't have information on legal contacts or resources for making such assessments. If it comes to assessing the value of trees, the best resource is to consult with a certified arborist. They have access to the databases needed to assess tree value by size, species, condition, etc. The following link will provide a listing of certified arborists in your area according to the specifications you select:


Thank you for contacting your Texas AgriLife Extension Service Office in Harris County.