There are a lot of these Inside and Outside the House. What are They?

Asked June 13, 2013, 7:02 AM EDT

This time of year I find these inside and outside the house. It's as if nests hatch and the babies - whatever they are - are everywhere. What are they? Are they harmful or dangerous?

Howard County Maryland

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The multi-legged creatures you see around your home are millipedes. These arthropods are harmless and simply stumble into your home through tiny gaps near a ground-level door or window. They feed on decomposing vegetation and are usually found in mulch around the foundation of a home. You may want to rake any mulch that is touching the foundation of your home away for several inches.
The safest way to eliminate them from inside your home is to vacuum them, step on them, or sprinkle diatomaceous earth around sources of moisture in your basement or on the ground level, especially laundry areas, sump pumps, well water tanks, etc.