What is the solution to combining goat and rabbits raising?

Asked June 12, 2013, 5:32 PM EDT

I have a desire to raise rabbits (Amateur Beginner). I live in an area of very warm and dry summers (more than 43 degrees in the shade) in the month of July, and cold and dry in winter. What are the best solutions in the light of these facts? On the other hand, I have a desire to goat farming the same piece of land, which is estimated at 1100m squared. What is the permitted number of rabbits, as well as the number of goats? One expert told me that it is impossible to combine raising rabbits and goats. What is the accurate scientific reasons for this prohibition? Are there any solutions? What are the animals that can I raise in the same land with rabbits?

Outside United States

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with raising rabbits and would not be able to assist in that area. The concern I would have with raising goats and rabbits together are related to fencing needs and land area requirements. The fencing for the rabbits will need to be strong enough to keep the goats contained. The two should be able to survive in the same field, it would just be related to the amount of forage available. If you are looking to raise them in confinement it would simply be having the area needed. Due to the size of the animals housing may be an issue. The numbers an area of land can support is determined by how much forage is produced during the grazing period. Because this is specific to your location it is very difficult to give an estimate of how many animals you can place on your land. If you are looking to raise rabbits I would think that chickens would be a fit with them based on size of the animals. You would have to be careful about housing especially with young rabbits as the birds may become aggressive towards them if housed together.

As I indicated, I do not know much about raising rabbits in different types of systems. I know most rabbits are raised in buildings and cages here with a few run on pasture. Because they tend to dig holes they can be difficult to keep in a field and they need protection from predator birds and animals. When raised in cages forage and other feed is delivered to them daily. Similar facilities as are used for pastured poultry can work for rabbit production with movable cages if the land will allow it. Goats should be able to be placed in larger fields with these movable pens for the rabbits with little problem. I know of no disease or parasite of concern between the two. A concern may be that both will attract predators and this may be an issue.