Pasture weed taking over

Asked June 12, 2013, 10:23 AM EDT

I have a client with a weed that is taking over his pasture. It only gets about 3-4" high and when it flowers it is a small blue flower.

Cheboygan County Michigan

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It's difficult to tell exactly what this weed might be, but it is similar to corn speedwell. Corn speedwell is commonly found in grass areas and has a blue flower.
Sorry to not be able to tell you exactly what you're facing.

No matter the weed, what do you recommend to control it? Thank you.

The MSU 2013 Weed Control Guide for Field Crops is a valuable resource that provides recommendations for herbicides. This publication is available online at:

If the pasture is all grass, a broad-leaf herbicide will be the best option for most weeds. **2-4,D Ester is a good option for most pasture situations since it is not a restricted use pesticide and has a "Good" rating for many broadleaf weeds. Another option for Michigan is a herbicide **Crossbow (2,4-D Ester + Triclopyr).

**These herbicides are rated for use in Established Forage Grasses.
Harvest restrictions do apply to these herbicides. See product label for additional restrictions.

Crossbow is a maximum one application per year. Do not apply within 14 days of harvesting hay.
2,4-D Ester is a maximum 2 applications per year. Do not graze animals on treated areas within 7 days after treatment. Do not permit dairy animals or meat animals being finished for slaughter to forage treated fields within 3 days of slaughter. Do not cut grass for hay within 30 days after application.

Hope this helps.

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