Help identifying a bug

Asked June 12, 2013, 1:47 AM EDT

I have numerous bites all over me and exterminators have told me its not bed bugs. I was thinking maybe rat mites as I can hear rats in my walls but I don't have any in the apartment. Either way I'm going crazy and no one can seem to be of any help. I've found a couple red ovals shaped bugs on my mattress and when squished a blood streak remains. I also have extremely tiny bugs in all my sockets around the apartment. I'm pretty sure they're not the same insect but something is biting me while I sleep. Please help.

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It is difficult to answer a question like this since it is really important to see the organism. If you are getting bitten at night, you can try to set an alarm to get you awake around 2 am. This would give the bugs time to get comfortable feeding from you and you might be able to catch one or two.
What ever you find, you can take it to someone locally who can ID the critters. Different fleas may bite but not like the taste since they are interested in another animal. You still end up with a bite mark and the subsequent irritation.
If you have rats, you might want to deal with them regardless of them being the source of the bug biting you or not.
If you have a local cooperative extension, you might want to contact them to see if they can give you other options and possibly direct you to someone who can assist you.
Your pictures just are not large enough to identify the bug. A microscope would most likely be needed given the size they seem to be.