No tomatoes on my plants

Asked June 11, 2013, 9:02 PM EDT

I planted 3 types of tomatoes this spring. All are planted in the same raised bed and get sun from about 11am to 5pm. They have grown to about 4-5' tall; they are beautiful and green and look healthy. The Cherry Tom is producing like mad -- lots of flowers and fruit. The Better Boy put out lots of flowers, but most fell off. I only have about 6 tomatoes. The Big Boy has no fruit at all. It looks healthy and has flowers, but they seem to close up and fall off. They are getting regular water -- we've had a lot of rain. What's wrong?

The bed was started from scratch -- peat, compost, soil from the yard and a little bit of composted manure. All the herbs in the bed are growing well. And the squash in the photo -- it came up in the compost bin and has gone wild! Lots of blossoms, but only 2 squash spotted so far.

Dallas County Texas

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It is not a disease or insect causing the round tomatoes such as Better Boy and Big Boy to not have fruit but the hot night-time temperatures is causing the pollen not to form correctly thus the embryo is not fertilized so no fruit. Cherry tomatoes have a much higher tolerance to the hotter temperatures so they can keep on setting while round tomatoes do not.