Trying to kill a vine

Asked June 11, 2013, 6:07 PM EDT

Just purchased a new house and there is a vine that is healthy, spreading everywhere, and I can't seem to kill it. I THINK it is coming from a mama plant that was cut down - there are shoots coming off of the stump. Under every leaf that sprouts there are roots. I have sprayed it with vine killer and those leaves die off but there seem to be more and more every day. It grows up and through other bushes and trees. The vine itself seems to be "woody." Can you help? P.S. I was at my vet's office today and noticed the exact same vine and took more pictures which I have attached. Hopefully this will help identify.

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This is Virginia creeper. It is considered an ornamental vine, but can be aggressive as you have experienced. I am not sure what "vine killer" you used. One of the products I checked that can be used for this purpose contains triclopyr. The recommended method of application was to cut the vine and spray the freshly cut stump. The degree of control will depend on the time of year it's applied. Fall applications of the product usually work best. Do you have any desirable plants in the area where you are spraying? Read the label of your product for instructions to see if there are special guidelines in these circumstances. Also see this information which describes in more detail how to deal with this particular problem.