Where would we find sunflowers being cultivated near Denver?

Asked June 11, 2013, 3:41 PM EDT

Two young people have asked me to take them to see sunflowers in bloom, as in full fields of sunflowers being cultivated east of Denver. They seem to think there are such farms not far from Denver International Airport. Do you have any information that might be helpful? I presume sunflowers are not in full bloom until sometime in July??Thank you so much.

Denver County Colorado

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I know at least two farmers who frequently raise sunflowers a few miles east of Denver International Airport near Bennett Colorado.
Field sunflowers normally bloom in August.
I'd suggest you contact Thaddeus Gourd, the Adams County Extension Director/Agronomist for the timing of full bloom on the sunflower fields.

  • Thaddeus Gourd
  • thaddeus.gourd@colostate.edu
  • Office: (303)637-8117