To replant green beans or not?

Asked June 11, 2013, 2:36 PM EDT

We need an answer for a lady. Her green beans were up about 9 inches and something ate about the top half. Will they continue to grow or should she replant? If she needs to replant is it too late?
Also, can she use liquid fence around them since they are something she will be eating.

Barry County Michigan

1 Response

There are several questions here.

Will they regrow? Yes, as long as they were not eaten too far down. If there is only a stick with not leaves, they were eaten too far down. If there are leaves left they will regrow.

Can she replant? Yes. Beans can be planted up until August 1 or so.

Can she use liquid fence? The liquid fence should say on the label how to use it. I have never heard of it so I can't say. Whether or not it will even work depends on what ate the beans. Does she see any tracks or droppings (deer, rabbits, etc.) or was it insect damage.