tomato plant disease?

Asked June 10, 2013, 4:53 PM EDT

Hi, Can you tell me what to do about this tomato plant? I've included an image. If that image isn't good enough, I'll take another picture. Thanks, Cathy

Marion County Oregon

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It's not entirely clear what is going on with the foliage, but it looks like white spots? To be honest, at this time of the year it is not unusual for tomatoes to look a bit ragged around here. The basic problem is that they are tropical plants in origin and require heat for sustained growth and production. In late May and early June it can be fairly cool, so all sort of odd foliage problems crop up on these plants at that timer. As the weather remains consistently warm, the plants tend to start growing rapidly and these problems are much reduced, or disappear. I would look at the newest growth on the top of the plant-if it looks good then I would be inclined to say the plant is fine. Ensure that it is in full sun, fertilize appropriately and water consustently and the plant should be fine. If you would like to submit addition photos for clarification, please send them directly to me at