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Asked June 10, 2013, 1:52 PM EDT

I attended David Whiting's Twilight Series talk and put together sprinkler tubing, backflow protector, pressure regulator and timer that comes a faucet near my garden. I laid the sprinkler tubing in the main pathway between my raised beds - I have 7 of them, ranging between 4 X16 to 3X10. I cut the main sprinkler tubing in 3 places and attached to each of those 3 connections 2 soaker hoses connected to each other. So I had a little wasted water where the soaker hoses spanned beds.
But my main problem was soaker hoses breaking. This year, I need to decide between buying more sprinkler tubing and putting in emitters for each plant or buying more soaker hose since my soakers were not new last year and maybe it blew because it was old. Emitters would work for plants like tomatoes but soakers would be easier. And for the plants like beans, I don't know think it would make sense to run a little drip line to each plant would it?
Anyhow, hoping you will comment on whether soaker is always going to blow or if you think new ones would work in this setup, or whether you would recommend a combo of soaker and emitters or something else?
Thanks, Cathy

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi Cathy,
I suggest that you use micro-tubing with inline emitters. This 1/4 inch diameter tubing comes in 50 or 100 foot rolls, with emitters spaced every 6 (or 12) inches. The 6-inch spacing allows for use in row crops like green beans or carrots in your garden, but can be used for irrigation of individual plants like tomatoes and peppers as well.
Here is a link to an example (this company is a major producer of the this line).

It is very easy to install and should work well in your garden. Some of the local big box stores will carry it from time to time. Also, Ewing Irrigation (near intersection of I-25 and Mulberry) sells it.