Stinkbugs on tomatoes

Asked June 9, 2013, 3:27 PM EDT

Is there a commercial product out there that will effectively keep stinkbugs off my tomatoes, or kill them if they get on my tomatoes?

Harris County Texas

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One non-chemical control method is to destroy eggs before they hatch or when they are very small. The eggs are barrel shaped and occur in neat clusters or rows on the plant leaves.A horticultural oil can be used if you'd like to try a less toxic approach. Or, you may use chemicals containing bifenthrin, permethrin or malathion. Make sure you follow the label prescribed waiting period from spray until harvest and wash the fruit in clean water before consuming.I'm also attaching a link to guide that may be helpful. for the question.

Are the stinkbugs responsible for the green spots (a lot of them) on my tomatoes? It gets bad enough that we just throw away most of the ones that are affected-and that is most of my tomatoes. I have ordered some cicada netting to try to keep them from even getting to the plants, and have sprayed the plants and tomatoes with Sevin. Trying anything at this point. Never had this problem till last year.

Yes, the green spots or dimpling you see is caused by the insects. The stinkbug pierces the surface of the fruit and feeds on the liquids inside of it.

Good luck with your stinkbug battle.