blackberry disease?

Asked June 7, 2013, 4:34 PM EDT

My blackberries were purchased as root cuttings. They got away from me and are growing semi-wild in the backyard. This year the fruit is not developing correctly. While the individual seedlet bulbs on each berry are supposed to turn, green, then red and then black, some are turning a milky white and that bulblet is a little mushy. I don't find an answer on the internet.

Can you help. What is causing it and what I can do to correct it?

Tarrant County Texas

1 Response

Sound to me like a fungus or bacteria disease. Blackberries grow so well in Tarrant County. Mine look real good. Almost ready to pick. I wonder if yours were hit by the late freeze and the fungus or bacteria is a secondary problem. Sounds like botrytis to me. Botrytis usually attacks berries when there is damage or bruising. To learn about botrytis on blackberries go to Blackberry information and culture sheet
If you have more question email me or call the Tarrant County Master Gardener help desk 817-884-1944