House Gecko die-off?

Asked June 6, 2013, 1:07 AM EDT

I am just a private homeowner and teacher in Pearl River County, Mississippi, near the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy watching the Mediterranean House Geckos which have lived on my porch since at least 1990. There are usually many of them by this time of year (early June). I have not seen a single gecko thus far this year, and I am very worried that something is killing them off, much like the disease that is killing off honeybees across the nation. Is something killing off the geckos nationally? If so, is there anything I can do to save my own little gecko population? Thanks! -- Jim Huffman

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Dear Mr. Huffman,

I'm not aware of any disease that is impacting Mediterranean geckos in Mississippi. I contacted the Mississippi Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries and they said they don't know of anything that has reduced the gecko population there. They have my number and said they would contact me if they received any additional information. Populations can be affected by many variables, some of which aren't always obvious. Something may have occurred during breeding season that reduced the size of the population in your area. You may also try the Pearl River County Cooperative Extension Service office at (601) 403-2280. The Southern Mississippi Herpetological Society, P.O. Box 1685, Ocean Springs, MS may be of assistance. Their e-mail is

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