Potted Chillies Not Giving Yield

Asked June 5, 2013, 5:36 AM EDT

I had planted chillies (long variety) in a pot 16 inches high by 10 inches wide, filled with rich vegetable compost, red soil, and cows' dung. Now the plants are about three months old, and they are very healthy with huge foliage and abundant flowers. But there are no chillies yet. All the flowers are dropping off. What mistake did I make and how can I rectify it?

Outside United States

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Since I am not a pepper expert, here is an answer from www.dartmoorchillifarm.com:

This is a common problem if you are growing your plant indoors, as with potted plants, or in an enclosed environment, such as a closed greenhouse, where there is little wind or movement of the flowers as they form.

Chillies are self pollinating—they do not need insects or the wind to pollinate the flowers in order for fruit to form. However, occasionally when the flowers are formed, the stamen (male part of the flower) does not touch the pistil (female part of the flower), so the flowers are sterile and drop off. If this happens with your plant, either regularly give it a gentle shake, or move it outdoors on a warm breezy day to help nature and insects pollinate the flowers for you.

I hope this helps. Happy gardening!